The Collective Moves to a New Space

It’s such an overwhelming blessing to watch God work in this place! In response to the COVID pandemic, we added a small group of (mostly) our teacher’s children who were in 4th-8th for the 2020-21 school year.  We named this unique program, “The Collective – a Marvelously Made School”.

Each morning the children in this group learn history, science, art, and hand work together.  At home their parents teach them language arts and math with an individualized curriculum. 

It is amazing! We truly thought that was a pandemic “bandage” and we would only do it for a year. 

As we were finishing out that year, and the 21-22 school year approached, we realized that we needed to keep the class going for the second year in order to continue providing these precious children with an educational option that would give them incredible learning opportunities and protect their physical health and their mental health. 

Now we are in our 3rd year and continue see the incredible difference learning this way makes for these older children, but we were beginning to wonder if we would need to close the Collective due to lack of space. 

Then, in January we were approached by a community member who offered us the opportunity to lease a space adjacent to our current campus. We knew this was exactly what our oldest children needed. We are so excited to be moving the children in the Collective to their new space!

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