2023 Art Show

In our 2023 Art Show, the children’s work was displayed in over 20 galleries. It is such a privilege to honor the work of these incredible artists!

The goal of our Art Show is for each child to know that they are an artist.

We hope to empower parents by sharing the learning that happens during each and every art experience by including documentation alongside each display.

Mediums included in the 2023 Art Show were paint, yarn, collage, pen, chalk, marker, and watercolor.

Many displays showcased handwork skills such as sewing, embroidery, and weaving. 

Art experiences happen each day, all year long. They continue to build upon each other. For example, before working on these symmetrical self portraits, the children worked with symmetry in an abstract way using many other mediums.

Children revisit their projects and continue to add detail. Our youngest children (3-5 years old) spent time building their skills and revisiting their spheres. This allows time and space to be reflective and thoughtful with their work.

Our oldest children (4th-8th grades) each contributed Individual Galleries that were created by felting, weaving, wood burning, knitting, and sewing in addition to collaborative pieces like this felted ocean mural. 

What an amazing time we had coming together as a community to honor each artist!

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