Our Classes

At Marvelously Made we offer several class options with hours that best meet the needs of children.

Children who are 3-5 years old attend the Farmhouse at Marvelously Made.  These preschool classes are offered either two or three days a week.  The two-day class is offered on Tuesday and Thursday and a three-day class is available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We maintain a class ratio of one teacher to seven students. Maximum class size varies.  
Class times are 8:45AM to 11:45AM each day.  
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Children who are at least 5 years old by September 1st of the school year, and developmentally ready, attend kindergarten at the Cottage at Marvelously Made.  Children attend Kindergarten classes Monday through Friday. There are two kindergarten groups at the Cottage, each one maintaining an average ratio of 15 children with two teachers.
Class times are 8:45AM to 12PM each day. 
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 The Primary class (traditionally 1st-3rd grade) meets Monday through Friday each week.
There are four teachers and up to 40 children (a ratio of 1:10).
Class times are 8:45AM to 12:00PM Monday through Friday.  
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Upon completion of the Primary class, parents who wish to continue their child's education beyond third grade with a Marvelously Made approach, may be invited to join the Collective at Marvelously Made.