Building a River

Our sand pit is a busy place! Digging rivers is a daily affair but recently two children dug a hole in the sand pit at the Farmhouse (ages 3-5) and another asked, “I wonder if we can make our river touch the hole?”

This began a 4 day project of expanding the previously created river. 

The children in the 2-day and 3-day classes would come to school each day and work on this project, picking up each morning where the other group had left off. 

Eventually almost every child had spent time helping in some way or another.  At one point, the children believed the river was long enough to reach the hole but noticed the water ran out quickly or “got stuck”.  So they adjusted their plans and kept digging. 

As they worked, the children learned that smooth paths allowed water to travel further and faster than bumpy paths.

They learned that working together can sometimes help you accomplish more than working alone, They learned that grit pays off.   

The children celebrated their hard work by frolicking, jumping, laughing, and leaping into the pool they created!

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