Board of Directors

As a non-profit 501(c)3; Marvelously Made – the School for Young Children is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. This group of highly dedicated individuals works as decision makers and accountability partners in all areas of running the school.
At the inception of the school the Board of Directors established a Parent Council Board which is comprised of parents of children enrolled at the school. The Parent Council Board meets regularly and works throughout the year to implement the school’s missions and values within the school and extended community.

Jennifer McCarville, Board President

Jennifer is the founder and director of Marvelously Made. With 35 years of experience in early childhood education, Jennifer brings a level of passion and commitment to every aspect of the school. Jennifer truly trusts the process of each child’s learning journey and knows that when we honor that process, children thrive!

Kim Stallman, Board Vice President

Kim joined Marvelously Made in 2011 when she registered her children to attend the school. Since that time Kim has served on the Parent Council Board and been a teacher at the school. Kim deeply respects children and the importance of providing them with authentic childhoods and works diligently to support the mission and values of Marvelously Made.

Allison Poole, Board Secretary

As the Administrative Director of Marvelously Made, Allison provides the support for all that we do! Allison possess a dedication and commitment to children, families, and school staff which is evident in her unwavering kindness and gentle assistance in all that happens at Marvelously Made.