The Process of Batiking

Over many weeks, the Farmhouse children (ages 3-5) were introduced to the art technique of batiking. This process uses washable clear glue, acrylic paint, and hot water.

This experience had three phases which allowed the children to revisit their work.

Each child was given a piece of fabric and a bottle of clear glue. A glue design was squeezed onto the fabric and allowed to dry. 

After the glue had dried, the entire piece of fabric was painted with acrylic paint using brayers or large paintbrushes. These were left to dry overnight. 

The final step involved soaking the fabric in a tub of hot water for about an hour.

The children then took their piece from the tub and scrubbed the glue off the fabric using a scrub brush.

They were amazed to see the prints left on the fabric and proud of their hard work!

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