Learning with Our Guinea Pigs

School animals are a large part of our Science curriculum. Students learn what they need, how to care for them, different type of animals species and their habitats.

Animals also help students learn empathy and build emotional and social intelligence. Animals foster a desire to nurture and care for someone else and they learn to read behaviors and respond to those.

They also make great reading partners!

The Primary Class has been spending time learning about our guinea pigs by observing their behaviors and reading books about them.

One of the things we have learned is guinea pigs love small enclosed places. This allows them a place to hide and also run. 

Some of the students today decided to build them a guinea pig tunnel so they could run through it. We tested it out and Crockett ran all the way through and then hid. 

The students plan to add to this tomorrow to create a fun place for the guinea pigs to play and exercise.

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