Bee Day! Because Bees Are Important

Thanks in part to a grant from The Bee Cause Project, we were able to host a Bee Workshop at Marvelously Made.

The goal of the workshop was to give the children and their families an opportunity to observe bees close up, wonder and learn about their important work, and spread awareness about how bees need our help.

Families were invited to join an information session with our beekeeper, David, from Haystack Honey Co where he answered questions and everyone got to checkout the observation hive he brought (it was filled with over 10,000 bees!). At one point, the queen even made an appearance.  

The Outdoor Classroom was buzzing with activities to learn about bees. Try a taste of honeycomb!

Sit and enjoy a read aloud about bees.

After the book, pick a bee story token to play with and remember what was learned about bees.

Use beads and pipe cleaners to create.

Some children made bee inspired bracelets, necklaces, and a few even twisted the pipe cleaners to make made their own bees.

This invitation was inspired by pollen and an opportunity to use tweezers and explore.

Bee inspired hexagon painting was a huge hit. Some used paint brushes and others used their hands.

Dress like a bee keeper!

Small world play was a sweet area to for all ages to explore.

Bee Day was the perfect way for children to get a close up look at the bees, to ask questions, and to wonder.

Some came to bee day with a fear of bees and after learning a little bit more about how their goal wasn’t to sting us, but to pollinate and help our food grow, they walked away with a calmer outlook. Some walked away from Bee Day wanting to help the bees on their own land. It was a great day to learn about bees because they are important!

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