Small Group at The Farmhouse

The children in the Farmhouse have been busy in their Small Groups lately. Small groups are a time to play a game together, try a Science experiment, focus on a new art technique, etc.

Small Groups provide an opportunity for each child to participate in a teacher-led activity one day each week. Here’s a peek into some of our most recent activities.

Making their own rhythms and moving to the music.

Trying new instruments and hearing the different sounds that they can create with them.

Using their hands or a spoon to mix up ingredients to make slime. Using the right amount of ingredients to find the perfect texture is part of the experiment.

And of course, playing and tinkering with the results of their experiment.

Learning the basics of watercolor painting through song.

Small Groups truly are a special time to work closely with their teacher and peers and a time to share their thoughts and creations with one another.

They provide the space the children need to focus, problem solve, and create the Marvelously Made way!

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