Book Club – Pippi Longstocking

Book club has quickly become a cherished event at Marvelously Made.

Book Club at Marvelously Made

Book club started as a way to connect and build relationships over a good book. It is important for parents to continue to read to their children even after they are reading themselves. So, in our book club, parents read the book aloud to their child at home and then we gather to discuss it and extend the book through various activities. 

Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking was the latest book choice for Primary Book Club and quickly became a favorite.

After reading about this fun, adventurous girl we gathered to tie dye our own long stockings.

The colors were bright, designs, were unique, and most were worn to school the next day.

The children had the opportunity to write their own exaggerated story together. That brought a lot of laughter to the night.

We walked around and even raced in shoes that are too big (just like Pippi).

We had a snack together and shared about all our favorite parts of the book. We agreed Pippi is a fun loving girl, who makes everyday a new adventure. She is kind, generous, and funny. She makes kids laugh and reminds adults it’s ok to be a kid again. 

We always end our night with a special story token to remember the book.

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