Strengthening the Pincer Grasp

Take a look at all of the ways the children of The Cottage (5-6 years old) have been strengthening their pincer grasp, WITHOUT worksheets!

Why is the Pincer Grasp Important?

The pincer grasp is the movement of using the pointer finger, middle finger, and thumb to pick up or manipulate an object. The pincer grasp is an important fine motor skill movement. It’s used with utensils and tools, to manipulate buttons and snaps, and even to hold a pencil.

In the woodworking area, the children work with hammers and nails to build and create. The pincer grasp is at work while holding the nail and tapping it with the hammer to get it started.

Sewing is another activity where the pincer grasp is strengthened. Holding the needle and moving it up, down, and never around as they create with yarn and burlap is a meaningful fine motor task.

Getting creative with pegs and a peg board uses the pincer grasp.

Paint brushes are a simple way to practice the pincer grasp in an authentic way.

Not only is working with pipettes and watercolor a great opportunity to strengthen the pincer grasp, but it allows for creativity and experimenting too.

Spinning tops are a fun challenge. You have to use the pincer grasp to get them to spin. An added bonus is watching the designs these marker tops make as they spin.

Ready for more? Check out these 5 activities that develop the pincer grasp.

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