Book Club – James and the Giant Peach

The Primary group read James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl and came together for an eventful book club.

Book Club at Marvelously Made

Book club started as a way to connect and build relationships over a good book. It is important for parents to continue to read to their children even after they are reading themselves. So, in our book club, parents read the book aloud to their child at home and then we gather to discuss it and extend the book through various activities.

James and the Giant Peach

At book club, the children and teachers gather to discuss the book and try different activities that extend the book.

The children had the opportunity to experiment with what could be picked up with balloons. How many balloons does it take to lift each item?

Observing and holding earthworms was a treat!

Tasting peaches was tasty treat and then talking about if they preferred them or not.

Drawing life size insects was a fun challenge that led to a lot of giggles.

We had a great time sharing all the imaginative things Dahl created in this story. We shared our favorite parts and all the what ifs. 

What if James had swallowed the seeds? 

What if James had never met the insects? 

What if they didn’t land in New York? 

What if there was a different ending? 

Story Token

A story token is something that we occasionally gift to the children after a meaningful book. A story token is simply a small object that represents the story in some way, reminds the children of the story, and encourages them to share about the story with someone else. The story token for James and the Giant Peach was a magic seeds.

Good stories make us feel deeply and make connections to other stories and especially each other. We love this special time that Book Club brings us and we all leave wanting more.

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