Embrace the Rain

At Marvelously Made the children get to play outside in all kinds of weather! In fact, we are outside all of the time (unless there is extreme weather). Why? Being outside is so important and beneficial for all of us!

You can do anything outside that you can do inside. That’s why in addition to the time and space we give children to dive deep into their play, we also offer invitations to paint, build, read, write, and tinker outside.

Get Outside!

Being in nature provides a sense of wonder and curiosity that can’t be duplicated inside. It gets us moving which is what children need as they strengthen their gross motor skills.

Taking risks is important for children and there are more opportunities for that outside. From balancing on logs and climbing trees to swinging and jumping, the space for children to listen to their bodies and take risks is priceless.

When days are full of sprinkles, the children are thrilled to pull out the umbrellas and embrace the rain. Splashing in puddles, playing in damp sand, and riding trikes through the rain are just a few of the glorious ways the children play in the rain.

Being outside is important for children and we are happy to support that each and every day.

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