Book Club – Stuart Little

Primary Book Club met this week to discuss “Stuart Little,” the book we read about a little mouse who lives with humans. 

Book Club at Marvelously Made

Book club started as a way to connect and build relationships over a good book. It is important for parents to continue to read to their children even after they are reading themselves. So, in our book club, parents read the book aloud to their child at home and then we gather to discuss it and extend the book through various activities.

Stuart Little

We talked about Stuart having to be creative to get around his house and that his size often found him in difficult situations such as being stuck in a fridge or down a drain. 

They worked in groups to build houses just the right size for Stuart and to create furniture for him.

Stuart went on many adventures; he sailed a boat, drove a car and more.  He had a very good friend named Margalo.   When she went missing, Stuart had more adventures when he set off to find her. 

We enjoyed sharing our favorite parts of the book as we laughed about Stuart’s antics.  The children built sail boats and tested them to see if they could float. 

Story Tokens

A story token is something that we occasionally gift to the children after a meaningful book. A story token is simply a small object that represents the story in some way, reminds the children of the story, and encourages them to share about the story with someone else. The story token for Stuart Little was a felt mouse to always remember Stuart. 

Book Club is such a special event in Primary (grades 1st-3rd) and we always look forward to our next meeting.

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