Together We Can Save Childhood


We have a problem.  Childhood has changed but children have not.

At Marvelously Made we are on a mission.  A mission to Save Childhood!

Most people don’t realize the barrage of threats children face as childhood gets crowded out by our pressure-filled, over-scheduled, rushed society.  And parents aren’t faring much better, they’re overwhelmed with information and opinions that focus more on the superficial than the root cause.  Save Childhood is pushing back and arming parents with some core principles to provide a childhood where children thrive.

Here are our 12 principles to Saving Childhood:

Go Outside


Just Read

Say No

Understand Play


Trust the Process

Don’t Compare

Do Discipline

Say Yes

Savor The Moment

Embrace Boredom

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For His Children,








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  1. Jennifer has taught me so much about how children develop, what their needs are, and how to meet those needs. I’m a very different parent than I would have been had we gone to a different preschool. It has made all the difference in my children’s well-being and also in mine. Their great-grandmother makes comments about them all the time: “They are so happy all the time. I’ve never seen such happy children” “I’ve never seen a brother and sister play so well together” I credit Jennifer and her amazing school. Her passion for children is evident in everything she does and I am so glad she has a heart to share what she knows. Parents everywhere need to hear what she has to say. I know I did. #savechildhood

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