Together We Can Save Childhood


At Marvelously Made one part of our mission is to advocate for every child’s right to a childhood which truly values his/her developmental needs. As part of that work we are kicking off our “Save Childhood” Campaign today!

In our push-down, over scheduled, rushed society many people don’t even realize the dangers children are facing as their childhoods get crowded out by the pressure and business they are burdened with. The dangers to their physical health, mental healthy, life-long attitudes about learning, self-esteem, and so much more are real and worrisome.

While there are many MANY things we can do to help stop the awful things being done to children we have narrowed it down to 11 to focus on over the next year. We will be rolling out blog posts and sharing resources on our Facebook and Instagram pages to help empower and educate the grown-ups in children’s lives on these areas as we all work together to be the voice that children need and deserve.

This year we will talk about:

What we need to SAY NO to


The important reasons children need to GO OUTSIDE (and so do you!)

Why it is crucial to UNPLUG and ideas for how to

The reasons that if you would JUST READ your children will too

How you can better UNDERSTAND PLAY and the powerful tool it is for children to authentically learn

Why you must SING

That when you EMBRACE BOREDOM you do great things for kids

How the mantra DON’T COMPARE will free you and your child from so much grief

When you should SAY YES

The valuable gift you give yourself and your children when you SAVOR THE MOMENT

We hope you subscribe to our blog, like and follow our Facebook Page and pop over to Instagram so that we can join our passions for and our dedication to children to be the voice and change they deserve.

Enough is enough! It is time to Save Childhood!!

For His Children,








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  1. Jennifer has taught me so much about how children develop, what their needs are, and how to meet those needs. I’m a very different parent than I would have been had we gone to a different preschool. It has made all the difference in my children’s well-being and also in mine. Their great-grandmother makes comments about them all the time: “They are so happy all the time. I’ve never seen such happy children” “I’ve never seen a brother and sister play so well together” I credit Jennifer and her amazing school. Her passion for children is evident in everything she does and I am so glad she has a heart to share what she knows. Parents everywhere need to hear what she has to say. I know I did. #savechildhood

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