Slides Aren’t JUST for Going Down

Have you ever heard someone at the park say, “Only go DOWN the slide”? At Marvelously Made, we know how important it is to have the opportunity to go up, down, and to use the slide to experiment with different materials.

At the Farmhouse (ages 3-5) the slide is used for many things, but mostly for connecting with others and taking risks. 

The children have discovered that there are many ways to go down the slide. Backwards, on your tummy, one at a time, or as a group.

During play, the natural desire to explore risk taking offers the children a time to experiment with cause and effect. It facilitates building confidence while allowing for opportunities to practice bravery.

While playing on the slide the children learn and practice patience, empathy, awareness, and develop social skills. This Strong social skills allow children to collaborate successfully and develop healthy relationships. 

As they run up, run down, slide backward or on their knees the children are testing their balance, coordination, and strengthening their bodies. 

When children play, we always let them lead the way!

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