The Nativity Play

A favorite December tradition at Marvelously Made is when the The Primary class (1st-3rd grade) performs The Nativity Play. They share this important story with the entire school as well as their families.

From narrators and animals to Mary and the bright star, everyone carefully chooses a part. The children design and create the set. Then, they make their own costumes. For days they practice to learn their lines.

The children learn how to listen for cues to enter the stage. Projecting their voices becomes an important focus and they learn how to tell the story using their words and actions.

As the play is practiced and the focus is on Jesus, the group discusses all of those who were present at Jesus’ birth. The wise men brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The children had the opportunity to smell the two oils that were brought as gifts. Some loved them, others not that much.

The Primary class works for weeks preparing to spread the good news of Jesus! We know Jesus is smiling down on these precious children and their hard work.

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