Book Club – A Bear Called Paddington

Our most recent book club choice was A Bear Called Paddington. What an adventurous story about this curious bear!

Book Club at Marvelously Made

Book club started as a way to connect and build relationships over a good book. It is important for parents to continue to read to their children even after they are reading themselves. So, in our book club, parents read the book aloud to their child at home and then we gather to discuss it and extend the book through various activities. 

A Bear Called Paddington

Book Club is such a special time. The students read the book at home with their parents and then we meet at school, at night, to share about the book. Even once your child is reading on their own, it is so important to keep reading to them. It continues to foster the love of reading and it’s a special time for you as a family.  

We gathered to create newspaper hats because Paddington loves hats!

We discovered on the map where Darkest Peru is and how long it would take to get to London by boat. We talked about how scared he must have been on his trip. 

The children wore pajamas and brought a special stuffed animal to share about. We discussed how life would change if a bear lived with you, we noticed Paddington seemed to get into a lot of trouble, but it’s because he’s so curious. The children loved the book and were excited to hear there are so many more after this first book to read. 

Story Tokens

A story token is something that we occasionally gift to the children after a meaningful book. A story token is simply a small object that represents the story in some way, reminds the children of the story, and encourages them to share about the story with someone else. The special story token for this book was a tag to add to their own animal that says ”Please look after this bear.” They also received their own jar of orange marmalade, Paddington’s favorite treat.

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