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Celebrating The Season

Celebrating The Season

Sharing the story of Jesus’ birth at our preschool is one of the most wonderful blessings we enjoy. Here are some of the experiences we have had this month as we have learned about the most important birthday of all!

Decorating Gingerbread

Families and friends gathered on a Saturday morning to decorate gingerbread houses and people…


During our Gathering Times, we talked about the Nativity. We compared several different ones and discussed the important people and animals which are often seen in nativity scenes.

We learned that the donkey was a very special and important animal in Bible times because one carried Mary to Bethlehem. We talked about how many donkeys have symbols on their backs which look like crosses. Whenever we see this symbol on a donkey, we can remember that it was a very important animal to Jesus. We even had a miniature donkey (Oliver) visit school and spend the day in our front garden. We all fell in love with him!

Presents For Jesus

Each child in the preschool makes a gift at home for Baby Jesus. On the day before Christmas Break we gather in the Sanctuary where each child has a chance to show his/her gift to the class and then place it in the manger for the Baby. This year some of the gifts included homemade ornaments, drawings of the nativity/manger scene, a blanket (to keep Jesus warm), a paper airplane, a blessings box, wooden crosses, a corn husk angel, a rocket house built from wood, and much more! One child also included a beaded necklace as a gift for Mary. This is such a precious thing; it just makes your heart melt to hear these children share their love-filled gifts!

Sweet messages (dictated by the children) are tied to balloons; then we gather to pray and then let them go. The children are delighted to watch those messages drift up and out of sight. Messages of love and adoration to our King!

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