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April 10-16 is Week of the Young Child!

It’s Week of the Young Child!

The NAEYC sets aside one week each year as the “Week of the Young Child”. During this week, early education programs across the nation plan special activities and events and promote the importance of quality early childhood programs for all children and celebrate the people who make those programs a reality.

Here at our school we focus on quality early education each day but we did surprise the children with a colorful “Week of the Young Child” banner and a blitz of bubbles as they made their way up to the school building this morning. What a fabulous time the children had frolicking in the oodles of bubbles!

The rest of the week will be filled with other fun and exciting events and experiences – pajama days & pancakes, ladybug releases, and CHICKS HATCHING (one is wobbling in it’s shell right now in my office!!) are just some of the things we will enjoy together as we celebrate all young children
and especially those at Marvelously Made!!

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