There’s a Bird in Our Backpack!


There are so many exciting things happening at school each day and today was no exception! Mid-morning I received a phone call from the church office that the treasurer has spotted a bird making a nest in the backpack that we take outside each day. I headed outside to see and, sure enough, there was!

I hurried back inside and gathered the children. We all walked out and sat (very quietly) on the sidewalk and watched the Mama Bird travel back and forth as she gathered materials to create a new home.
We were all fascinated by how fast she worked and how focused she was!
It is very clear that the backpack is now hers and I will be
heading out to purchase a new one this afternoon.

Here is a poem that the church administrative assistant wrote about our day:

Each day our teacher
Sets up our place to play
In the playground by our school,
Just a few steps away.

An old, plain backpack she carries out
With supplies that we might need.
Bandaids, Kleenex, lots of stuff,
And hangs it on a tree.

Today she hung it on a fence,
Handy as it can be,
Ready for its duty time
In case there is a need.

What a surprise we had
When it was time to come outside.
A Mama Bird found a pocket open,
A perfect place to hide!

In no time flat she made her nest
Down deep inside that pocket.
We didn’t want to bother her
And didn’t want to touch it.

Mama Bird just seemed to know
She’s in a sacred place.
She’s put her faith in the family here
And knows that they’ll be safe.

We’ll watch to see if eggs are laid
Inside that old, worn backpack.
We hope that it’s left alone
So all the babies hatch.

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