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Celebration of Life

Birthdays are important and exciting for young children. Each child at Marvelously Made is honored on his/her birthday at gathering time during a “Celebration of Life”.  At this time, the birthday child will have the opportunity to wear the Birthday Cape and/or Crown and the teacher will read a narrative of their life which has been completed by the child's parents.   Afterwards our version of “Happy Birthday” will be sung.   All celebrations will be scheduled by the teachers and take place on the closet school day to the child’s actual birthdate whenever possible. Children with summer birthdays will be assigned a birthday celebration date sometime during the school year.

At the beginning of the year each parent is asked to complete an online Celebration of Life form with the date of his/her child's celebration. Parents can fill out the Celebration of Life form online and teachers will hold on the forms until the child's celebration date. Please fill out the google form by clicking on the button below.


Due to the large number of children with nut allergies, Marvelously Made strives to provide a peanut and nut free environment.  We acknowledge that we can make no guarantee that nuts or nut products won't be brought into the school, however, we strongly request that snacks be free of nuts and that snacks processed in factories where nuts are present, not be sent for snack or at any other time.

We are very thankful to all of our wonderful parents who do such a great job of sending in healthy, yummy snacks for their child! 

Health Requirements

General Health Form

Allergy Emergency Plan

The state of Texas requires each child who is diagnosed, by a health care professional with an allergy, food or otherwise, to have an emergency plan at school.  The emergency plan must be signed by the doctor or health care professional AND the parent. You may use the form below or one provided by your doctor.

School Directory

Pandemic Response Plan

School Calendar

We have a lot of fun events coming up this year! To make it easier to keep up with all of our events, going ons, breaks, and holidays, our school calendar is linked below!