Instant Challenge – The Dot Game

What is an Instant Challenge

An Instant Challenge is a challenge that provides the opportunity for problem solving, critical thinking, and often communication and teamwork.

Sometimes Instant Challenges involve using a set of materials to create something. Other times they can be a performance or a task to complete with a particular set of rules.

The Dot Game

This Instant Challenge, The Dot Game, was a challenge of communication and teamwork. Students were secretly given a colored dot on their forehead.

The goal was to find out what color they have on their forehead and then to find everyone in their group with a matching colored dot. The biggest challenge was that they could NOT talk or make sounds. The students used gestures and found creative ways to show each other what colored dots they had.

This game encourages students to help someone else before they help themselves, because they do not know the color dot they have, but they know everyone else’s. It is a quick game that encourages working as a team and learning how to communicate in other ways than using your voice.

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